What Our Clients Say?

"I cannot recommend Daniel Sercombe highly enough."

"I cannot recommend Daniel Sercombe highly enough. He met with me after hours so I would not have to miss work and went above and beyond in every way possible to communicate and generate a winning game plan. His calm and confident demeanor only hid the aggressive and very competent defense that he planned out. With an easy smile and a little humor that helps put your nerves at ease, he went over every step slowly and clearly. There was an immediate response to every email that I sent. God forbid I ever have a situation like this again, but I will not have to worry or wonder what I will do. Dan has not only become my lawyer, he has become a person I know I can trust and has my best interest at heart. In this day, those type of people are few and far between. I would like to thank him from the bottom of my family's heart for helping us quickly, and at a price that was very easy for us to manage so we did not have to worry about finances, too. Thank you for being the man and the professional that you are. The world needs more men like you."
Mike Aldteron

"He is definitely the man I’d go to for any legal issue."

“Words can hardly express the gratitude and admiration I have for this man. He is an extremely intelligent man who not only handled my case, but whose knowledge and asking the right questions got more results than I’d ever anticipated. He is truly a hero in my eyes. He made me feel calm and confident, and did his job above and beyond. He is definitely the man I’d go to for any legal issue. Thank you so much, Dan. And by the way, my 9 year old son, Jake, says you’re “DAN THE MAN.” My family and friends are all grateful to you!!!! Words will never be able to express my gratitude!!!!!!”
Laura McNaughton

"I could not ask for a better attorney."

"Daniel Sercombe has helped me with the utmost care and respect–he did not let me down. I could not ask for a better attorney. Without him, this process would have been much longer and confusing. Daniel was able to give me clear insight and communication. He is a great guy and attorney. Thanks again Daniel."
Logan Staar

"All I can say is if you need a good an honest attorney"

“All I can say is if you need a good an honest attorney, Dan is really good. He defended my husband from jail and cleaned all charges. Thanks Dan.”
Milgian Morga

"I highly recommend him."

“Dan did a great job for me. I was faced with a charge that could have landed me in jail for up to 10 months and I would have lost everything. He went to work for me and got a deal that kept me out of jail. I highly recommend him.”
Richard Mckinnon

"Daniel Sercombe is top notch, and I now consider him a friend."

I hired Mr. Sercombe when I was facing life changing charges. I could not be happier with my choice. Not only does Daniel Sercombe truly care .... but he also knows the law inside and out. He was very easy to contact, and responded to all my inquires and concerns immediately, no matter the time of day. Whenever I was worried he assured me that he would do everything could to help. He devoted much of his time and focus to helping........,I am happy to say that Mr. Sercombe did exactly what he said and was able to turn my helplessness into hope. The law in Florida is not always on your side, but with his aggressive representation and knowledge....... be given a chance at redemption. There are few lawyer ..... can say are honest, good people. Daniel Sercombe is top notch, and I now consider him a friend. If you are facing a similar situation, I highly recommend contacting Mr. Sercombe and hire him as your lawyer.
Daniel Penick


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