DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney Vero Beach, FL

Dan Sercombe is an experienced DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer in Vero Beach, Florida.

A former Assistant State Attorney and Prosecutor in Vero Beach (Indian River County) and Ft. Pierce ( St. Lucie County), Dan Sercombe of Sercombe Law, is now a local criminal defense attorney and Driving Under the Influence attorney representing clients in the Treasure Coast.

Experienced from years of handling cases in Indian River County, our law firm understands how serious DUI  and Criminal charges can be for both first-timers and repeat offenders. That is why we are here to provide a criminal defense attorney with the experience and tenacity necessary to best make your case.

Need a DUI Lawyer in Vero Beach FL?

In the state of Florida, DUI consequences can dramatically affect your future, with incidents leading to driver’s license suspensions, monetary fines, probation, and even jail time.  If you’ve been accused of a DUI, a skilled criminal defense attorney can help lessen your charges or potentially have them dropped altogether.

Criminal Defense Attorney Dan Sercombe will fight to limit the impact of the charges you are facing, doing what it takes to plead your case. Over the years, we’ve found many inconsistencies and weaknesses in the prosecution cases against our clients, and we are always here to help anyone looking for a DUI Lawyer in Vero Beach.

Local Criminal Defense Lawyer in Vero Beach

As an actual local Vero Beach Defense lawyer, at Sercombe Law, we know the power of the legal system and how it can be used for justice, which is why we are proud to help members of our community when they need it most.

Sercombe Law has expanded from our base in Indian River County, and we now have offices in Vero Beach, Orlando, and Winter Park, always open to help your local criminal defense case with respect, confidentiality, and an ongoing commitment to client satisfaction.

We always make it a point to give every DUI case the attention it deserves. From our first point of contact until after the courtroom is closed, Sercombe Law can help address your questions, concerns, and requests, with:

  • A free consultation with Dan Sercombe, who will actually be handling every step of your case
  • Quick responses to all calls and communications
  • And a free case evaluation

If you’re looking for a DUI and Criminal Defense attorney in Vero Beach who truly cares about his clients, Call Dan at Sercombe Law DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today.

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